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We believe every piece of software can be automated. We believe in APIs. We believe that software automation can help us to improve our lives. We are Roboscripters.

What's RPA or Test Automation?


Test Automation ensures that only production ready code is released.

They both mean improved quality, productivity and process.

What's a RF Library?

A RF Library is a list of functions written in Python.

It's a list of Keywords of what to do.

It reads like natural language.

What's RF? Robot Framework?

It's a generic Automation Framework.

It's open source and free to download.

It's used by thousands of RPA professionals.

...What's Roboscripts got to do with all of that?

It's a Search Engine for the most useful Robot Framework Libraries & Scripts.

It's a place for asking your automation Questions, a place for expressing your automation ideas in Blogs and sharing your automation knowledge with Examples.

It's a Community of Software Automation professionals.